Ataris / Useless Id: Let It Burn (Vinyl LP)

Ataris / Useless Id: Let It Burn (Vinyl LP)

Kung Fu Records

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Extremely limited non-metallic gold colored vinyl LP pressing. 2000 split release. Punk rock band The Ataris hooked up with their Israeli tour buds, Useless ID for some serious Kung Fu-styled spank and created Let It Burn. The Ataris had a decent amount of b-sides and leftover tracks from their previous albums that had never been released, yet not enough to fill an entire release, so they got the idea to do this split with Useless I.D. - a band they had met on their first cross country tour of the states. Kris went on to actually help produce the following Useless I.D. album Bad Story, Happy Ending (also on Kung Fu Records). This is the first time this has been released on vinyl in the USA. The Radio Still Sucks - the Ataris, Song for a Mix Tape - the Ataris, P.S. the Scene Is Dead - the Ataris, Blue Skies Broken Hearts... Next 12 Exits - the Ataris, Let It Burn - the Ataris, How I Spent My Summer Vacation - the Ataris, On with the Show - the Ataris, San Dimas High School Football Rules - the Ataris, Bad Case of Broken Heart - the Ataris, Too Bad You Don't Get It - Useless Id, Questions +Answers - Useless Id, Run - Useless Id, Time to Move on - Useless Id, Have a Nice Life - Useless Id, Lost Once Again - Useless Id, Not to Wait - Useless Id