Food Chainby Dillon (Vinyl Record)

Dillon: Food Chain (Vinyl LP)

Full Plate

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Limited vinyl pressing. Abridged version removes certain skits and a few songs to give the vinyl maximum punch but includes a vinyl-only version of 'Modern Man's Waltz' a special piano solo instrumental version. Sticking to the classic recipe of one MC and one producer/DJ, their 2016 project shows that Dillon & Paten Locke are clearly at the top of their game and the top of the Food Chain. Their second LP, Food Chain is a musical menagerie of rap running the gamut from grimy to gloomy to glorious. Paten Locke's elusive loops and dusty grooves lay the foundation for rapper, Dillon to bring his 'straight talk' style of writing and delivery. No gimmicks, no punches pulled. Just rugged beats and raw rhyming. Carefully curated, the guest features salt and peppered throughout the album make the meal complete. It's an all-star cast consisting of bonafide rap legends (Black Sheep Dres, Count Bass D), modern day hip hop heroes (Homeboy Sandman, Von Pea) and emerging eccentrics (Tone Tank, Willie Evans Jr). Chock full of interludes, skits and nuggets of comedy, Food Chain is a veritable rap buffet with a little something for everybody. So grab a fork and a full plate and as Supa Dave West so artfully states, 'Pour a bucket of gravy all over yourself and just feel that!' Sound the Alarm, Previously Feat. Willie Evans JR, Food Chain, Thirsty Loops, Nothin with Nobody, Bourbon Feat. Von Pea of Tanya Morgan ; Malkovich, Rollup Rollout, Fall Back Feat. Boog Brown, Humdinger Feat. Supa Dave West ; Black Sheep Dres, How to Count Bars Feat. Count Bass D, Modern Man's Waltz (Alexa's Reprise), Hamsammich Feat. Tone Tank ; Homeboy Sandman, Rap Safari Feat. Phill Most Chill ; J-Live, How We Do, Keep on Singin