Humble Beginnings of a Rovin Soulby 6'10 (Vinyl Record)

6'10: Humble Beginnings of a Rovin Soul (Vinyl LP)

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Limited oxblood colored vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 6'10 is the folk/bluegrass incarnation of Tobin Bawinkel, frontman for Celtic punk stalwarts Flatfoot 56. In comparison to the hectic sounds of his other outfit, this is a more subtle journey through heartfelt and emotional journeys against the backdrop of ukulele, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and snare-brushed rhythms. Bawinkel speaks on the stripped-back sound and inspiration for this new endeavor: There is nothing as vulnerable as a punk lead singer having to give up his distortion and volume to be laid bare in front of a crowd with just his wit and raw guitar playing. I wanted to revisit sounds from my childhood and return to simpler culture, one without pretension. The album has an overall theme of travel and journeying. Since I pretty much have lived the majority of my life on the road, this topic has a lot of symbolism for me. Bawinkel and his company of three fellow band members are currently a part of the Smithwicks Pub Rock Sessions tour. Cannonball, Da Boss, Peach Farmer, Timothy, Hurricane, Someday Hun, Where Did You Go, Tuesday, It Is Well, Burning Ships, Back Pack, The Travelers