Lo-fi Dreamsby Jeffrey Halford & the Healers (Vinyl Record)

Jeffrey Halford & the Healers: Lo-fi Dreams (Vinyl LP)

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Let's just say that Jeffrey Halford's feel for blues, soul, country and rock n roll is something you have got to hear. Lo-Fi dreams focuses on organic live performances where you can feel the warmth of the tubes up in your throat. I am here to place Jeffrey Halford in the Pantheon of great singer-Songwriters with Randy Newman, John Fogerty and John Prine L.A Weekly. Dirty linen called Halford Hemingway armed with a swampy blues guitar. Two Jacksons, Elvis Shot the Television, Door #3, Good Trouble, 10000 Miles, Last Kiss, Bird of Youth, Sweet Annette, Lookin for a Home, Great Divide