Four Dimensional Audioby Spyn Reset (Vinyl Record)

Spyn Reset: Four Dimensional Audio (Vinyl LP)

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Spyn Reset is music for the modern listener.  The Seattle-based instrumental band is releasing their second full length album Four Dimensional Audio in January 2012.  Produced at London Bridge Studio, Spyn Reset promises to take it's listeners on a musical odyssey exploring everything from progressive-rock to electronic-influenced hip-hop and everything in between.             After a tumultuous two years following the first album Objects in the Abstract, band leader YASU and bassist Evan McPherson have completely changed the face of Spyn Reset while remaining true to the group's overall sound.  What was once a sextet is now a self-sufficient quartet with new members Pierson Martin on drums and Thomas Whiteside IV on percussion and vibraphone.  After parting ways with saxophonist, YASU incorporated the Moog synthesizer with his pristine Fender Rhodes Piano, reshaping and internalizing the band's lead voice.  The recording and release of Four Dimensional Audio marks an end to the long transitional period of Spyn Reset.             Four-Dimensional Audio is a self-produced album combining collaboration and improvisation within a through-composed work of art.  Co-produced/engineered by Geoff Ott (engineer for Queens of the Stone Age, Three Doors Down) and mastered by Steve Turnidge (of Ultraviolet Studios, The Recording Academy), it would settle for nothing less than the best.  In Four Dimensional Audio, Spyn Reset reaches out to it's community, calling upon local musicians to sit in as guest artists for the album recording.  These artists include vocalists Jessi Lambert and Jimmie Herrod who, for the first time ever, add a layer of lyrics to a Spyn Reset song Raindrops.  The album is currently in is production stages and is set to be released in early January 2012.             Until then, check out Spyn Reset live and get an up close and personal preview of Four Dimensional Audio! Words by Thomas Whiteside IV. L.E.D, Late Night, Case Closed, Non Fiction, New Theory, Raindrops, Pioneer, Logical Arrangement, The Tree with Nine Wives, Staircases