Lita Ford: Wicked Wonderland (Vinyl LP)

Lita Ford: Wicked Wonderland (Vinyl LP)

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2009 album from the platinum-selling, Grammy nominated Queen of Rock (and former Runaway). with Wicked Wonderland, Lita has returned with a vengeance, delivering her heaviest album ever. Following a 14 year break from the Rock 'n' Roll world to raise a family, Lita hit the studio to record Wicked Wonderland. The recordings find her rocking, playing and singing with an amped-up fury and power like never before that's also informed by her personal growth as a wife and mother as well as legendary rocker. The initial 25,000 pressing includes bonus four tracks! Love, Piece, Crave, Scream, Sacred, Wicked Wonderland, Indulge, Patriotic Sob, Everything, Inside, Truth, Betrayal, Bed