Houndstooth: No News from Home (Vinyl LP)

Houndstooth: No News from Home (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2015’s No News From Home is the second album from Portland, Oregon quartet Houndstooth and the follow-up to Ride Out the Dark. That record was labeled one of 2013's all too overlooked delights by Spin while their hometown Portland Mercury called it an extraordinarily good album, a perfect representation of the band's trademark balancing of ease and passion. News is an altogether more mature record that widens the band’s sound: From Velvets-style churners to shimmering, breezy, love songs, all penned by songwriting duo John Gnorski and Katie Bernstein. Bliss Boat 4:26 , Amelia 3:31 , No News From Home 3:34 , Green Light 3:53 , Wasted Hours 3:51 , Witching Hour 3:33 , Borderlands 4:11 , Yellow Stone 3:56 , Double Vision 3:01 , Spirit 2:30 , They re Racing Tonight 4:06