Hval, Jenny: Apocalypse Girl (Vinyl LP)

Hval, Jenny: Apocalypse Girl (Vinyl LP)

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Jenny Hval's 2014 record opens with a quote from the Danish poet Mette Moestrup, and continues towards the abyss. Apocalypse, girl is a hallucinatory narrative that exists somewhere between fiction and reality, a post-op fever dream, a colorful time lapse of death and rebirth, close-ups of impossible bodies all told through the language of impossible pop music. Kingsize 2:25, Take Care of Yourself 3:02, That Battle Is Over 4:35, White Underground 2:20, Heaven 4:54, Why This? 3:37, Some Days 0:41, Sabbath 3:49, Angels and Anaemia 3:27, Holy Land 9:59