Dama / Libra: Claw (Vinyl LP)

Dama / Libra: Claw (Vinyl LP)

Northern Spy Records

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Now available on vinyl! DAMA/LIBRA is the enthralling new collaboration between two revered veterans of the national indie and avant rock scenes, Joel RL Phelps (formerly of underground rock legends, Silkworm, and currently working with his own band, The Downer Trio) and G. Stuart Dahlquist (formerly of doom metal progenitors, Burning Witch/SunnO))), and currently of Asva). They are proud to be releasing their first full-length album as a duo, Claw, on Northern Spy Records in summer 2014. Combining the unique talents of both artists, Claw is a pronouncement of lush composition - teeming with a quiet intensity, subtle beauty, and pulsating with moments of raw, emotional catharsis. Moonshine and Lion, Stavinsky, Boy Dock, The Chant, Been to the Water, 3C1, Death Rattle, Destroy, Only Medicine, Thine