Blanche Blanche Blanche: Breaking Mirrors (Vinyl LP)

Blanche Blanche Blanche: Breaking Mirrors (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP-only pressing. Blanche Blanche Blanche have an unusual approach as evidenced on releases on Night People, Feeding Tube, and NNA. Their songs are often difficult to play but easy to hear. On Breaking Mirrors, arrangements are sparer than ever, structures clearer and better defined; but the band seems to have taken advantage of the high fidelity recording environment to invite more elements of noise, chance and chaos into their song environments, splattering flecks of paint on the Sharpie blueprints. Breaking Mirrors, Crowd Noise, Zeroing In, That's the Ad, TED Talks, Market Thrush, Fire, Arrive Alive, Flash the Bios, Grey Pet, Rich Man, Omega Ade, Fisted, I Just Wanna Know