Cobalt: Slow Forever (Vinyl LP)

Cobalt: Slow Forever (Vinyl LP)

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Limited double vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release from the black/avant-garde metal band. Slow Forever sees Cobalt present a new and different sonic monolith to behold while continuing the path laid down with their Eater Of Birds and Gin milestones. With more developed, complex, and intricate musicianship while at the same time still upholding the massive epic sonic scope in true Cobalt fashion, Slow Forever continues to define the progression of Erik Wunder as one of extreme metal's most notable musicians today. Through Wunder's progressive dirge-like hypnotic riff delirium combined with his tribal-like, crawling yet pounding drum savagery, the music on Slow Forever lays the foundation for some of Cobalt's most epic, complex, and at some points even their most straightforward material to date. Vocalist Charlie Fell presents a new sense of madness and violence within the Cobalt paradigm with his tortured depraved vocals adding a new characteristic to the band while continuing the animalistic unparalleled primal vocal attack of ex-vocalist Philip McSorley. Hunt the Buffalo, Animal Law, Ruiner, Beast Whip, King Rust, Breath, Cold Breaker, Elephant Graveyard, Final Will, Iconoclast, Slow Forever