Brand New: Science Fiction (Vinyl LP)

Brand New: Science Fiction (Vinyl LP)

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Science Fiction serves as the long-awaited fifth full-length (and potentially final) album from cult Long Island band Brand New and their first since 2009's Daisy. Produced by frequent collaborator Mike Sapone, the mythical and moody 12-track collection is a distinct chapter in the band's shape-shifting career complete with compelling interludes, gripping lyrics, textured guitars and rollercoaster loud-soft dynamics. It's tough to put Science Fiction in immediate comparison with Brand New's older LPs, though fans are undoubtedly already trying, Billboard writes. It's better than Daisy, impossible to compare to the pop-punk simplicity of 2001's Your Favorite Weapon, and once it's fully sunk in (which could take another eight years), could be argued as 2003's Deja Entendu and 2006's The Devil and God Are Ragning Inside Me's superior. Lit Me Up, Can't Get It Out, Waste, Could Never Be Heaven, Same Logic/Teeth, 137, Out of Mana, In the Water, Desert, No Control, 451, Batter Up