Xbrainiax: Deprogrammed (Vinyl LP)

Xbrainiax: Deprogrammed (Vinyl LP)

To Live a Lie

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Modern fast-core's blackest cult ascends once more from it's knighted abyss to deliver thirty-one hymns of infernal savagery. Only for true devotees to the Esoteric Order of Sonic Blasphemy. Twenty-seven minutes of music and forty minutes of enhanced material included on the CD version when inserted into a PC or a Mac. Full-color digipack CD or gatefold LP with 320kbps MP3s + digital enhanced material download card. The True Religion of Broken Necks, Vigilante, Faith Mask, No Love Lost, Kids Say the Darnedest Things, Acrid, Baptism in Glass, Desert Power, Altered, Decaf, Candidate for a New Faith, We Are the Monster, Sirens, Blatant Localism, Rosary Noose, Solanum, Good to the Last Drop, Secede, The Audacity of Hope, Fuck the Swindlers, Clandestine Operation, Our Thing, This Is, Moral Vacancy, Kralizec, Trichinosis I, Trichinosis II, Trichinosis III, Friend Request Denied, Eroding, Deprogrammed