Vermin Prolificusby Fistula (Vinyl Record)

Fistula: Vermin Prolificus (Vinyl LP)

To Live a Lie

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 album from the Sludge Metal band. Fistula plays evil, down-tuned Sludge Metal in the vein of 16 and Cattle Press and have remained active for 15+ years. When you hear this offering you'll understand why this label jumped on this release - it is one twisted, crushing, slow but eye-gouging release with sparse but crucial fast parts. This is the release to grab after a terrible day at work when you need some audio catharsis. Smoke Cat Hair and Toenails, Harmful Situation, Pig Funeral, Sobriety, Upside Down, Vemrin Prolificus, Goat Brothel, Vermin Prolificus