Nocturnal Earthworm Stewby David Pritchard (Vinyl Record)

David Pritchard: Nocturnal Earthworm Stew (Vinyl LP)


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A pioneering Canadian composition that combines minimal electronics, prog, tape loops, industrial, and musique concrete, first released on Island Records in 1977. The Artoffact reissue contains bonus tracks, updated cover art, and a new essay celebrating the life and work of David Pritchard. The work features contributions by Nash the Slash, as well as Martin Deller of famed prog band FM. Le Chien Chaud, Wax Wings, The Harry Parchment (Dance of Domestic Tools), The Harry Parchment (Fingerpuzzle for Charles Ives), The Harry Parchment (A Dictionary in the Suburbs), Yellow Stickers, Nash Metropolitan, An Admission of Guilt, Under the Palms, Birth of Merlin, The Evil Ogre/Satan's Seaside Walk, The March of the Mallory Bat, Thunderpeal, Cats N' Cabbage, Morning Splinters, An Admission of Guilt (Alternative Mix), Do-Re-Mi, Short Wave Wiggles, The Fat Soprano