Headcrackby Controlled Bleeding (Vinyl Record)

Controlled Bleeding: Headcrack (Vinyl LP)


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Released as a vinyl-only album on Sterile Records in 1986, Controlled Bleeding's Headcrack is a monumental album of industrial-noise meets ambient soundscapes. The original record is hopelessly out of print, and Toronto-based Artoffact Records reissues it with remastered audio and updated cover art for the first time. Essential listening! Vocal Chant #1, Firelight, Letters to the Life Cycle (Part 1), Dry Lungs, Slithering Blade, Music for Earth and Water (Part 3), Headcrack (Part 1): Music for Four Guitars, Moonshards, Headcrack (Part 2), Headcrack (Part 3), Vocal Chant #2