Carving Songsby Controlled Bleeding (Vinyl Record)

Controlled Bleeding: Carving Songs (Vinyl LP)


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Following 2016's much-lauded Larva Lumps & Baby Bumps, Controlled Bleeding returns with Carving Songs, a massive remix album totalling 20 tracks, including a 21st track, TROD, a brand new Controlled Bleeding composition which founder Paul Lemos referred to as a really a major piece for us... a VERY dark song. The hand-picked cast of remixers includes Japanese noise-guru Merzbow, Justin K. Broadrick from industrial-metal act Godflesh (not to mention Jesu), as well as Monolake, Crowhurst, Ramleh, Child Bite, and many others. Even notorious experimental guitarist (and current Lydia Lunch Retrovirus member) Weasel Walter makes an appearance. The remixes range from straight up power noise, to post-black metal, to industrial-influenced beats, and are as varied as Controlled Bleeding itself, a project known for being impossible to classify. An essential release in the long, storied history of one of America's foremost experimenters. Trod (Defiler's Song), Carving Song (Monolake Remix), As Evening Implodes (Barnacles Remix), The Swarm of Sweettooth (Child Bite Remix), Carving Song (Remix By Child Abuse), As Evening Fades (Murmur Remix), Carving Song (Zeitkratzer Remix), Swarm (Remix By Justin K Broadrick and Godflesh), As Evening Fades (Remix By Ramleh), Garage Dub (Rothko Remix), Needle Evening (Remix By Tim Story), Perks Pt. 1 (Perv Mix), Carving Song (Remix By Ron Anderson), A Loathing Supreme (Remix By Crowhurst), Driving Through Darkness Lights Off (Remix By Jean-Jacques Birgé), Fusion Song (Contrast Remix By Le Syndicat), Carving Song (Helene Sage Remix), Driving Further Into Darkness (Isobel Morris Remix), Carving Song (Weasel Walter Remix), Perks of Being a Perv (Remix By Merzbow), As Evening Fades (Meatleg Remix), Perks of Being a Perv (White Dwarf Remix By Controlled Bleeding)