Jungle Exotica 2 / Various: Jungle Exotica 2 (Various Artists) (Vinyl LP)

Jungle Exotica 2 / Various: Jungle Exotica 2 (Various Artists) (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP-only pressing in exotic deluxe gatefold sleeve. Digitally remastered. Volume 2 features cuts from Chaos Inc., The Nite Cats, The Tides, The Puddle Jumpers, Pasquale & His Lunar-Tiks, Saxie Russell, Omar Kay, The Whips, The Sheiks, The Scouts, The El-Capris and others. Jungle - Nitecats, Daktari Ooh Ah - Chaos Inc, Taylor's Rock - Taylor John [Produ, Midnight Limbo - Tides, Mr. Custer Stomp - Scouts, Congo Bounce - Rogers Red, Hurricane - Cortez Davey, Camel Walk - Saxons, Moon Madness - Pasquale ; the Luna, Geraldine - Ole Miss Down Beats, Jungle Call - Gaynighters, Safari - Treble-Tones, Jungle Fever - Grand Preez, The Lion Is Awake - Five Notes, Hey! - Gabriel ; His Angel, Yes Master - Whips, Harem Orgy - Mohammed ; His Robe, Ya Habibi - Shelks, Snake Charmer - Puddle Jumpers, Cha Wailey Routa - Saucers, La Bamba - Individuals, Arabian Jerk - Merits, Snake Charmer - Jones Mad Man, Arabia - Delcos, Night in Arabia - Arabian Knights, Cyclone - Fabulous Cyclones, Ambush - Parisians