Sunshine State: Pour (Vinyl LP)

Sunshine State: Pour (Vinyl LP)

No Idea Records

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Pour is the 12-song debut album by Gainesville, Florida's SUNSHINE STATE, featuring past and present members of AGAINST ME! And WHISKEY & Co.! Beautiful art by SEAN MAHAN. Picture Disc LP includes download code! ... Sunshine State started as part of a musical roulette project at Oakes' Boca Fiesta restaurant/venue in Gainesville, Florida, and there's a definite melting-pot-of-influences feel that permeates the dozen songs on Pour, their debut full-length. Vocalist/bassist Troy Perlman's melodic yet scratchy vocals and the galloped frolic of the majority of these poppy punk songs give this an immediate placeholder in the No Idea Records catalog-but wait, there's lots more to come. Things get decidedly '80s at times; we're not talking '80s hardcore, but rather poppy, new-wave-tinged rock in the vein of the Cars and Gary Numan (Friends of the Deceased is especially John Hughes soundtrack-worthy). Sour Mash, Lunch Blood, Heroin, Concrete World, Amanda, Friends Of The Deceased, Take Over, Summer, Long In The Tooth, Disgusted, Young, Peace And Rain