The Soft Boys: Underwater Moonlight (Vinyl LP)

The Soft Boys: Underwater Moonlight (Vinyl LP)

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I Wanna Destroy You, Kingdom of Love, Positive Vibrations, I Got the Hots, Insanely Jealous, Tonight, You'll Have to Go Sideways, Old Pervert, Queen of Eyes, Underwater Moonlight, He's a Reptile, Vegetable Man, Strange, Only the Stones Remain, Where Are the Prawns, Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole, Dreams, Black Snake Diamond Rock, There's Nobody Like You, Song No. 4, Empty Girl, Have a Heart Betty [Mark 2], Rock 'N' Roll Toilet [Mark 2], Old Pervert [Section 1], Like a Real Smoothie, Alien, Bloat [Extract], Underwater Moonlight [Version], She Wears My Hair, Wang Dang Pig, Old Pervert [Section 2], Insanely Jealous, Leave Me Alone, Goodbye Maurice or Steve, Old Pervert [Section 3], Cherries, Amputated, Over You, I Wanna Er, Old Pervert [Section 4]