Kepi Ghoulie: Fun in the Dark (Vinyl LP)

Kepi Ghoulie: Fun in the Dark (Vinyl LP)

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What we have here is a complete re-imagining of a classic Groovie Ghoulies full length recording, as interpreted by the tough, melodic band from the Netherlands. Fans of the original album, Accelerators used to play 'Fun In the Dark' (the song) in their live set, and augmented it even more when I came over to do some shows with them in Europe. The same sort of thing has happened with the band the Copyrights and the Groovie Ghoulies album 'Re-Animation Festival' (but that's another story that you will hear about in the future!). Carly Simon, She Gets All the Girls, Fun in the Dark, (She's My) Vampire Girl, Lonely Planet Boy, Have Your Way with Me, (She's Got a) Brain Scrambling Device, Outbreak!, The Spell Is on, Ivy Says, Laugh at Me, Let's Go to the Moon, Don't Make Me Kill You Again