Jaill: Brain Cream (Vinyl LP)

Jaill: Brain Cream (Vinyl LP)

Burger Records

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release, the fourth album by the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based indie outfit. Jaill's incredible debut There's No Sky (Oh My My) came out on Burger Records back in 2009. Albums two and three were released on Sub Pop and now they're back on Burger with a spectacular return to form of jangly guitar-pop nuggets! Jaill consists of Vincent Kircher, Austin Dutmer, and Andrew Harris. Their music is described as psych-pop, with up-beat guitar and punk music matched with dark lyrics. Kircher and Dutmer began performing together while in college in Milwaukee. Initially, they focused on recording but months after forming, the two added guitar players, bass and keyboards via a rotating cast of other local musicians. Just a Lovely Day 2. Getaway 3. Got An F 4. Slides and Slips 5. Symptoms 6. Change Reaction 7. Picking My Bones 8. Little Messages 9. Draggin' 10. Pointy Fingers 11. Chocolate Poison Time 12. Look at You 13. Sweet Tooth Lovers (Bonus Track) - Jaill