Earthly: Days (Vinyl LP)

Earthly: Days (Vinyl LP)

Noumenal Loom

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Earthly is a recently re-monikered freeform electronics duo comprised of Carrboro, North Carolinians (and ex-university roommates) Edaan Brook and Brint Hansen. Their debut, Days, spans shades of Creature Comforts-era Black Dice, squiggly 1080p tapes, degraded Vaporwave, and hyper-color video game soundtracks, and is well suited as the first vinyl offering by adventurous Alabama cassette/digital imprint Noumenal Loom. Brook and Hansen's years of friendship translate into a colorful chemistry of pitch-shifted voices, wobbly rhythms, and iridescent textures, in a constant state of flux. . RGB, Ice Cream, Glaze, Honison Climber, Games, Babby Bobby, Backflip, Secret Squirrel, Pure in Between, Daemon, Shell Spell, Wink