Shake Wrestle 'N' Rollby Exotic Adrian Street & Pile Drivers (Vinyl Record)

Exotic Adrian Street & Pile Drivers: Shake Wrestle 'N' Roll (Vinyl LP)

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1970s AND 80s GLAM PUNK BUSZZERS FROM WRESTLING SUPERSTAR THE EXOTIC ADRIAN STREET'S DEBUT ALBUM SHAKE, WRESTLE 'N' ROLL REISSUED FRO THE FIRST TIME EVER ON BURGER!!! Breakin' Bones, A Sweet Transvestite with a Broken Nose, Imagine What I Could Do to You, I'm in Love with Me, The Krippler, Mighty Big Girl, Something Very Strange About a Cowboy, Sadist in Sequins, Shake Wrestle 'N' Roll, Violence Is Golden, Street Rap, Merchant of Menace