Perect Pitch Blackby Cave in (Vinyl Record)

Cave in: Perect Pitch Black (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing with bonus seven inch. So many bands gambled and lost in the major label game that flourished in the wake of Nirvana. For every Soundgarden, every Sonic Youth, there was a Jawbreaker, a Seaweed, a Melvins. MA's ever-evolving big-riffing cosmonauts Cave In were wise enough to weigh their options carefully, but when RCA offered them a deal they couldn't refuse, they signed the dotted line and crafted their stargazing opus Antennae (2003). Critics cheered. But many fans that journeyed with the band from their emotive hardcore roots, through their Radiohead-meets-Slayer cross-pollinations, and on to their bottom-heavy space rock couldn't follow the band to their foray into the world of major label rock. Never mind that Antennae was still a bold creative step forward - only a tone-deaf rock outsider would find the dense layers of interweaving guitars and off-kilter melodies as an attempt at radio-friendly pop. Perfect Pitch Black, The World Is Your Way, Off to Ruin, Trepanning, Paranormal, Down the Drain, Drowned, Ataraxia, Tension in the Ranks, Screaming in Your Sleep, On the Prowl, Believe in Doubt, Prognosis