Dancing Is Depressingby Attic Abasement (Vinyl Record)

Attic Abasement: Dancing Is Depressing (Vinyl LP)

Father/Daughter Rec

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Having been the driving force of Attic Abasement for over a decade now, Mike Rheinheimer, a Rochester, New York native has amassed a back catalog of lo-fi albums and EPs. Each one was distributed via Bandcamp and short-run CD-Rs, and it was through those means that Attic Abasement's name spread. Father/Daughter is proud to reissue Attic Abasement's cult classic sophomore album, Dancing Is Depressing, on vinyl for the first and only time. Not only that, Dancing Is Depressing (Expanded Edition) will feature a pair of songs that originally appeared on local Rochester compilation albums. FFO: Stephen Malkmus, Bill Callahan, David Berman Australia, Sorry About Your Dick, A Werewolf, Opium Eyes, Problems Getting Numb, Both of Me, Seamstress at the Bar, Spread the Word, So Much, Change Machine, Get What You Wanted, Marijuana