Dirty Pictures (part 2)by Low Cut Connie (Vinyl Record)

Low Cut Connie: Dirty Pictures (part 2) (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Dirty Pictures (part 2) is Low Cut Connie's fifth album. This little act from South Philly continues to dig in their corner of the sandbox, looking for something useful and real to offer their fans. Low Cut Connie is the hardest-working band in show business - no matter what the pay, what size the venue, no matter what definition of success is applied, Adam Weiner and the rest of the crew try to light the fire at every show and with every record. Dirty Pictures (part 2) reminds all of us, all the little people, to keep our fires lit at any cost. All These Kids Are Way Too High [Explicit] 3:29, Beverly 3:49, Oh Suzanne 2:15, Every Time You Turn Around 3:06, Hollywood 2:32, One More Time 2:19, Master Tapes [Explicit] 2:49, Please Do Not Come Home 3:08, Desegregation 4:01, Hey! Little Child 3:25