Wicked King Wicker: Flydust (Vinyl LP)

Wicked King Wicker: Flydust (Vinyl LP)

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This is the second album by NY\'s Wicked King Wicker. In the short time the band has existed, it has already created quite a base of folks interested in their unique brand of music. WKW\'s unique blending of droning doom metal and experimental noise stands out in a world where bands are happy just coping bands that they like. There are no easy comparisons for what they sound like. It ranges from obvious, Skullflower, Nortt, Sunn, Whitehouse, (nosier) Boris, to John Cale and other \'out there\' composers. The bottom line is Wicked King Wicker are unique, and they are very good at what they do, which is create music as brutal and dark as the world around them that influences their creative need. Listen for yourself, you won\'t believe your sences. They are more than just a \'metal\' band. This album is only available on vinyl and as a download, and is not available on CD. The LP is an edition of 490 copies with the inner sleeve and labels hand decorated by the band, so every copy is unique.