Chaos Delivery Machine: Burn Mother Fucker Burn (Vinyl LP)

Chaos Delivery Machine: Burn Mother Fucker Burn (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2015 sophomore album from this punk act. Created by former 98 Mute band mates Jason Page (guitarist/music) and Justin Thirsk (throat/drummer/ words), whose older brother, Jason Thirsk (R.I.P.), was the founding member and former lyricist/bassist of Pennywise, the lineup is rounded out by Pennywise co-founder and guitarist Fletcher Dragge (co-throat/bass/producer.) The trio has crafted an album that has taken an exhausting and life-threatening journey of over eight years to complete. These three longtime friends wrote and recorded the record during their time off because they love playing together and enjoy getting into the studio to go crazy whenever they can. Burn Motherfucker Burn is Chaos Delivery Machine's second release and the follow up to their 2005 album, Manifesto. Underground Thought Patrol [Explicit], Slipping Into Darkness [Explicit], Kill Kill Kill! [Explicit], Tragedy of the Commons [Explicit], A Statistical Insignificance [Explicit], Travels with Perses [Explicit], Dispatches from Psych Ward C [Explicit], No Nation Under God [Explicit], Of Mice and Men [Explicit], Conjunctive Rhetoric [Explicit], Never Slip Into Existence [Explicit], De Rerum Natura [Explicit], God of Prey [Explicit], Southeast of Eden [Explicit], Where the Sidewalk Ends [Explicit], History Lesson Part LLL (Take 2) [Explicit], ... And Then There Were None [Explicit], The New Testament [Explicit], Nevermind [Explicit], The Great Assent [Explicit]