Authority Zero: The Tipping Point (Vinyl LP)

Authority Zero: The Tipping Point (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release, the fifth album from the Mesa, AZ Punks. Eighteen years into their storied career began and Authority Zero has seen their fair share of ups-and downs. After original guitarist and longtime friend Bill Marcks left the band in 2008, members have seemed to come and go, but the band and music has carried on. Recently, after the release of their last album, Stories of Survival, guitarist Zach Vogel departed the band to return to his home in Wisconsin for more family time. Shortly after that and with the turn of the New Year in 201 1, long-time friend and drummer Jim Wilcox also left the band to pursue other endeavors. At this point, many bands would have folded under the pressure of lineup changes and setbacks, but the rest of the band carried on.