Vex: Memorious (Vinyl LP)

Vex: Memorious (Vinyl LP)

Eihwaz Recordings

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Behold!! The debut release from Eihwaz Recordings, the death metal sub-label of Bindrune Recordings! This package is a 2LP black vinyl set containing an insert/lyric sheet housed in a heavy jacket (not gatefold) with a 5MM spine. The vinyl is cut at 45 RPM. Limited to 250 copies. Memorious is utterly unique and bloated with atypical melodies/harmonies. The 2nd full-length from the Texas born Vex is an eye opener of an album with superior songwriting and a style so skillfully enveloped by the olden years of melodic death metal. Memorious first of all benefits from a super tight performance. Secondly, the riffs are downright inspired and colorized by what sound like effortlessly flowing melodies, but the way they are draped over the chord progressions, it feels so alive yet complex, like an easy moving river cutting through a dense woodland. Originally released on CD by HPGD Productions, Eihwaz has given this excellent release the vinyl treatment for those of you out there addicted to the warm analog tones! The pressing is limited, so act fast! Terra Soar, Carve My Eyes, Astride a Grave, No Such Thing, Spectral Nation, Away from the Sun, Wasteland (How Long Ago), Solace in Sleep, Those Days Are Gone, A Drinking Song