Togetherby The Explorers Club (Vinyl Record)

The Explorers Club: Together (Vinyl LP)

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The Explorers Club mark their return with Together, the quintet's third album of harmony laden sounds. Hot off the heels of Freedom Wind, their first release which showcased their Beach Boys influences, and the triumphant follow-up Grand Hotel, an exploration of Classic soft pop ideals, Together is sure to be the soundtrack for Summer 2016. Jason Brewer, founder and visionary of the band, has patterned the album in the mold of post-Pet Sounds Beach Boys classics such as Friends, Sunflower and Love You, while adding his own unique touches and flourishes of inspiration with his band mates. Listeners can expect exquisite harmonies, tight musicianship, flowing melodies, and gorgeous vocals. Standout tracks include the modern sunshine doo-wop of California's Calling Ya, the bouncy pop of Once In A While and the contemplative Quietly. Together is a must for fans of well-crafted pop music. Together, California's Callin' Ya, Once in a While, Be Around, Gold Winds, Perfect Day, Quietly, My Friend, No Strings Attached, Don't Waste Her Time, Before I'm Gone