Jawbox: Jawbox (Vinyl LP)

Jawbox: Jawbox (Vinyl LP)


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JAWBOX was formed in Washington, DC in 1989 by guitarist/vocalist J. ROBBINS, bassist KIM COLETTA, and drummer ADAM WADE. The trio released their debut 7 in 1990 as a split between Dischord Records and their own label, DeSoto. Over the next three years, Jawbox put out two albums and three 7 singles. Grippe, released in '91, was the band's first full-length. Second guitarist/singer BILL BARBOT joined the line-up in time to record '92's Novelty. Both albums were released on Dischord. ZACH BAROCAS took over drumming duties that same year, performing on For Your Own Special Sweetheart, which was released in 1994 on Atlantic Records. Recorded in Hoboken, NJ with JOHN AGNELLO in winter of 1995, Jawbox was the band's fourth and final album. If Sweetheart presented the band's music in a straightforward and unembellished state, Jawbox found the group more open to experimentation. Arrangement-wise, it contains some of the band's densest compositions (Chinese Fork Tie), but also some of it's most concise and tuneful songwriting (Excandescent). While the basic tracks were recorded more or less live, the songs were later augmented with sounds-toy drum kit, Hammond B3 organ, and saxophone-that were outside of the band's established palate. Long out of print, Jawbox has been remastered on LP by DAN COUTANT at Sunroom Audio and is reissued by Dischord and DeSoto Records. Mirrorful, Livid, Iodine, His Only Trade, Chinese Fork, Won't Come Off, Excandescent, Spoiler, Desert Sea, Empire of One, Mule/Stall, Nickel Nickel Millionaire, Capillary Life, Absenter