Hatchie: Keepsake (Vinyl LP)

Hatchie: Keepsake (Vinyl LP)

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. On her debut EP Sugar & Spice, Hatchie delivered the sonic equivalent of falling deliriously in love: a sustained rush of feeling, rendered in swoony melodies and gauzy guitar tones and endlessly hypnotic layers of sound. Now, with her full-length debut Keepsake, the Australian singer/songwriter tries on countless new textures, exploring everything from industrial to new wave to dance-pop, handling each with understated elegance and pure, powerful feeling. In the making of Keepsake, the Brisbane-bred musician otherwise known as Harriette Pilbeam recorded in a home studio in Melbourne and worked again with John Castle. Not That Kind, Without a Blush, Her Own Heart, Obsessed, Unwanted Guest, Secret, Kiss the Stars, Stay with Me, When I Get Out, Keep