Kevin Coyne: Case History (Vinyl LP)

Kevin Coyne: Case History (Vinyl LP)

4 Men with Beards

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Case History is the debut solo release from bluesy British singer/songwriter Kevin Coyne. Primarily just guitar and vocals, Case History is a powerful album from a very unique voice who was celebrated by folks as wide ranging as John Lydon, Sting, and the Mekons. Coyne, who passed away in 2004, spent much of the '60s working with the mentally disabled, and his song writing is informed by a deep concern for the plight and mistreatment of those who have been tossed off by society. A bit of an outsider himself, he eschewed record industry pressure and maintained focus on his singular artistic vision. Another under appreciated classic reissued on 180 gram vinyl by 4 Men with Beards. Track Listing: God Bless the Bride White Horse Uggy's Song Need Somebody Evil Island Home Araby My Message to the People Mad Boy Sand All Yellow. God Bless, The Bride, White Horse, Uggy's Song, Need Somebody, Evil Island, Home, Araby, My Message, To the People, Mad Boy, Sand, All Yellow