Let It Come Downby Spiritualized (Vinyl Record)

Spiritualized: Let It Come Down (Vinyl LP)


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LET IT COME DOWN is the fourth album by Spiritualized, originally released in 2001. Jason Pierce spent four years writing, performing, recording and finally releasing the follow up to his 1997 breakthrough album LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE ARE FLOATING IN SPACE. LET IT COME DOWN features a full orchestra, gospel choir, and many back up musicians to fulfill Pierce's ambitions. This record is a step forward from Spiritualized's denser space rock of the first three records to a sweeping orchestral sound with large swaths of strings, brass and choir helping to fulfill the widescreen splendor of Pierce's vision. First domestic record release on 180 gram vinyl from Plain Recordings. On Fire, Do It All Over Again, Don't Just Do Something, Out of Sight, Twelve Steps, Straight and the Narrow, I Don't Mean to Hurt You, Stop Your Crying, Anything More, Won't Get to Heaven (The State I'm in), Lord Can You Hear Me