John Fahey: Blind Joe Death 1 (Vinyl LP)

John Fahey: Blind Joe Death 1 (Vinyl LP)

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Limited edition clear colored vinyl LP pressing. For several years major labels had been issuing records in both mono and stereo formats. By 1967 Takoma was doing well enough financially to justify the recording of Fahey's first and second albums for the burgeoning stereo market. Thus Volume 1: Blind Joe Death, as the record would be titled henceforth, was recorded for the third time and it is probably this release that most people are familiar with today. For the new version Fahey recorded all but one song on the album. He recorded one new track for the reissue: I'm Gonna Do All I Can for My Lord. His new take of the Episcopal hymn In Christ There Is No East or West would become the most well-known and oft-played song on the album.