O'Brother: Endless Light (Vinyl LP)

O'Brother: Endless Light (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. O'Brother returned to their roots to record their 3rd full length effort Endless Light. For this record the band chose to stay in their hometown of Atlanta, GA to record at Southern Tracks and Favorite Gentleman Studios under the watchful eyes and ears of Manchester Orchestras Andy Hull and Robert McDowell. The same duo who oversaw the band blistering debut full length Garden Window which the Wall Street Journal raved a brutalizing blend of industrial rock, alt-metal and metal featuring a three-guitar attack With Endless Light the band has delivered their most focused effort to date. Slow Sin, Your Move, Deconstruct, Complicated End Times, Burn, Bloodlines, Endless Light, Black Hole, Time Is a Length of Rope, I Am (Become Death), Realm of the Physical