Dixon, McKinley: Anansi Anansi / Wit These (7-Inch Single)

Dixon, McKinley: Anansi Anansi / Wit These (7-Inch Single)

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McKinley Dixon was born and raised in Maryland and later relocated to Richmond, Virginia where he found a plethora of artists and friends alike that enabled his creative process to continue to take formation. Assembling several bands, Dixon created a fusion of rap and jazz that has been described as looking through the eyes of people in his community to capture the true depth of diversity of the American black experience (Audiotree). During 2016, Dixon created and released his debut mixtape, Who Taught You To Hate Yourself? The mixtape, which follows the chronicles of a young, black boy who witnesses a drive-by in his neighborhood, unfolds his understandings of the grim realities of the sociopolitical atmosphere and class struggle around him (RVA Mag); Including gang violence, police brutality and self hatred, themes that are forced upon black bodies. Incorporating the talent of 20 + visual and musical artist, the mixtape was largely recorded in Dixon's bedroom. In 2018, after being placed on NPR's Slingshot: Artist To Watch List at the top of the year, he released the follow-up mixtape The Importance of Self Belief. The mixtape was deemed comparable to Ta-Nehisi Coates' coming-of-age memoir 'The Beautiful Struggle' by NPR's Rodney Carmichael.