Lnzndrf: Lnzndrf (Vinyl LP)

Lnzndrf: Lnzndrf (Vinyl LP)


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Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release, the debut album from this alt-rock super side project. LNZNDRF (pronounced Lanzendorf) is a collaborative project between the Devendorf brothers (Bryan and Scott) from The National and brass player Ben Lanz (Beirut, The National and Sufjan Stevens). First coming in to being when they filled an immediate need for a support band for The National after the scheduled opener was waylaid, LNZNDRF has grown into a fully realized, kraut-psych-prog band. Their self-titled album was recorded between an old church in Cincinnati, OH and a hilltop lodge in Woodstock, NY. Includes 'Beneath The Black Sea', 'Future You', 'Stars And Time', 'Hypno-Skate' and more. Future List, Beneath the Black Sea, MT Storm, Kind Things, Hypno - Skate, Stars and Time, Monument, Samarra