Everything Is Forgottenby Methyl Ethel (Vinyl Record)

Methyl Ethel: Everything Is Forgotten (Vinyl LP)


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Vinyl LP pressing. Methyl Ethel's new album was co-produced by James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Foals), in collaboration with the Perth trio's frontman Jake Webb. Written and recorded by Webb, Everything Is Forgotten finds Methyl Ethel refining sounds and rendering them in 3-D, thanks in part to London-based James Ford, who has been working with Webb on the follow-up to debut album Oh Inhuman Spectacle. The pair's collaboration across the coming release has infused their shoegaze dream-pop palate with electronic flourishes, further evolving Methyl Ethel's sound from initial EPs Guts and Teeth. Drink Wine, Ubu, No. 28, Femme Maison/One Man House, L'Heure des Sorciéres, Act of Contrition, Groundswell, Hyakki Yako, Summer Moon, Weeds Through The Rind, Shlager