Circle Pit: Bruise Constellation (Vinyl LP)

Circle Pit: Bruise Constellation (Vinyl LP)

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2010 release from the Australian Rock duo. Glimmer Twins infatuation-well, some folks can pull it off, others cannot. We all know how well Royal Trux rocked 'n' cocked it through the '90's, and now in the second decade of the 21st century, Circle Pit have sauntered into the boozy sway with their debut LP Bruise Constellation. Seemingly born out of the tar and tobacco of Nellcote/Exile on Main Street-session Blooze, Circle Pit ably finesse a torn and frayed sound that's as retro as it is original. Oozing raw talent and possessed with uncanny sensual / sexual osmosis, Bruise Constellation will have you believing it's the Summer of '72 all over again (again). Wave Machine, Dead Meat, Speed Limits, Infinity, Hurricane, Another Trick, Drowning in the Dark, Shallow Grave, Strange Blue, Beginning and the End