Meth Teeth: Everything Went Wrong (Vinyl LP)

Meth Teeth: Everything Went Wrong (Vinyl LP)


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METH TEETH reside in Portland Oregon. And in some ways embody the rainy day big country vibe of the city with it's youth culture dreamers, old druggies, and rustic history. There is something that is really hard to pin down about Meth Teeth, the songs rely on simple ramshackle rhythms, upbeat shinny guitar interplay, and big fat chord churners, and a lot of tambourine banging away on the snare drum. Ultra catchy summertime rockers keep you sad and lonely, and upbeat and hopeful all at once. Never Been to Church, Unemployment Forever, World Is Going to End Soon, I Was Wrong, This Is Not My Home, False Summer, Failures Selected By God, People Will Say Anything, My Heart's Heart, A Thousand Regrets