Legends Of These Lands Left To Liveby Ali Beletic (Vinyl Record)

Ali Beletic: Legends Of These Lands Left To Live (Vinyl LP)

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Limited vinyl LP pressing. Ali Beletic is best known for her work as an installation artist, creating beautiful, symbolic stunts such as hiking in and installing mahogany and glass Judd-like sculptural pools into remote deserts, throwing parties with hidden drummers, lighting up an entire boulder field one can hike through or riding vintage motorcycles backcountry to create beautiful lines of fire. Legends of These Lands Left to Live is her long-anticipated 2016 debut record, written and recorded during her time in the Sonoran Desert, after having left the saturated Brooklyn art/punk scene to explore concepts of transformation, personal rebellion, and that which exists on the boundaries. Filled with mysterious and emotional songs, Legends is the anthem of that journey, tracing rock 'n' roll's ancient history off road and telling her vogue rebel stories from the artist streets of New York and the vast Southwest. What emerges is a powerful, feminine rock 'n' roll record, evoking the bare humanity of solo-era Lennon, the overtone depths of Skip James, the proto-punk power of Patti Smith and the sounds of self that emerge from the quiet, raw, visceral American landscape when we allow ourselves to hear our own intimate voice. Legends was recorded and produced alongside Seth Olinsky (Cy Dune, Akron / Family, Angels of Light) in the art / music studio they set up in the Sonoran Desert. Ends of the Earth, Stone Fox, So Much to Love, Walk This Earth, Rugged Ancestry, Dead Serious, Band of Outsiders, Lit Museum, Brilliant White Heat, The Hunting Fields, Wild American