Draino, Bobby: Brain Drain (12-Inch Single)

Draino, Bobby: Brain Drain (12-Inch Single)

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Before birthing his blasted acid house identity, Bobby Draino drummed for various synth-punked groups around Vancouver, and some of that scorched-earth live energy bleeds through the five primordial bangers comprising his vinyl debut Brain Drain. Tracked live through one channel of a space echo straight to his computer, Draino's overdriven drum machines, fried acid grit, bass damage and blown-tone sequencer patterns are fused into a radical and weird debased mutant house. The EP's five tracks are the culmination of two years of demo work shopping, TR-606 and 303 autodidacticism and warehouse party spelunk-all savvy tactics for developing a shredding, progressively singular style, which Draino has in spades. Brain Drain is one of the most awesomely wrecked and raw Silk slabs to date from a West Coast wiz worth watching.