Ghostwriterby The Ghostwriter (Vinyl Record)

The Ghostwriter: Ghostwriter (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. The small towns of California's northern Central Valley have an eerie loneliness to them. Cinematically, take Two-Lane Blacktop and fuse it with Neil Young's Human Highway. Fix that into music and you'd get something like Ghostwriter. Odd rock 'n' roll from Orland, California, the home of the dearly departed Nothing People (and theater organ legend George Wright), Ghostwriter lurks in the dust-caked shadows of rusted old cars and obsolete, solid state, electronic instruments. The Chrome-meets-psych sounds of the Nothing People is there, with some haunted rockabilly à la Alan Vega, Residents-like wooziness, and something that conjures the words paranoid closet. These outsider/loner rock sounds will be listened to for years to come. Plastic Mass, Not My Type, Slugs and Clowns, Train Off the Rail, Lens, Ghost Towns, Hand Picked, Low Altitude Dwelling Inspection, Penelope Lectric, Witness