Pink Mountaintops: Outside Love (Vinyl LP)

Pink Mountaintops: Outside Love (Vinyl LP)


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The third album by Pink Mountaintops, a.k.a. Stephen McBean, was influenced by weddings in Montreal, winter, Pink Floyd's The Final Cut, Christmas albums, the Bermuda Triangle, a song by Exile, a song by Echo And the Bunnymen, being depressed in the sunshine, the Everly Brothers, clowns in the ceilings, and bedrooms where skinheads used to live. A veteran of the Vancouver/Victoria punk rock scene, McBean is best known for his contributions to acclaimed rock band Black Mountain as principal songwriter, guitarist, and co-vocalist. Contributors on this release include members of Destroyer, Jesse Sykes And the Sweet Hereafter, Jackie O Motherfucker, the Organ, Black Mountain, and more. Axis: Thrones of Love, Execution, While You Were Dreaming, Vampire, Holiday, Come Down, Outside Love, And I Thank You, The Gayest of Sunbeams, Closer to Heaven