Peter Wolf Crier: Inter-Be (Vinyl LP)

Peter Wolf Crier: Inter-Be (Vinyl LP)


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Inter-Be' is the debut album by PeterWolf Crier, the Minneapolis based duo of Peter Pisano and Brian Moen. The album was born on a single summer night when Pisano felt a torrent of creativity; a confident collection of songs followed! Pisano approached Moen, a seasoned drummer and engineer best known for his involvement in Laarks and Amateur Love. After being asked to add some percussive elements, Moen added his thundering drum rolls and perfectly timed fills, but he also added something much more: A melodic soundscape that would complete the evolution of the songs. So was born the partnership that is called PeterWolf Crier. Crutch ; Cane, Hard As Nails, Down Down Down, Untitled 101, For Now, You're So High, Demo 01, Lion, Playwright, Saturday Night, In Response