Supermoonby S. Carey (Vinyl Record)

S. Carey: Supermoon (Vinyl LP)


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Recorded primarily during the perigee-syzygy (also known as the super moon) of August 2014, the Super moon EP from S. Carey is a study in scale, space, and proximity. These songs are a new and closer look into existing works from both S. Carey's renowned full-lengths, 2010's All We Grow and 2014's Range of Light. With Super moon, Carey has broken these songs down to their essential, acoustic parts with his forever humming vocals laid over top, lilting yet percussive piano, and a subtle swath of harmonic strings. Fire-scene (alt. version), We Fell (alt. version), Supermoon, In The Stream (alt. version), Neverending Fountain (alt. version), Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was