Botany: Lava Diviner (True Story) (Vinyl LP)

Botany: Lava Diviner (True Story) (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. When our human experiences defy articulation, music and film can sometimes be the only languages we have to communicate with. In 1975, Peter Weir directed Picnic at Hanging Rock, a haunting film in which a group of schoolgirls disappear while exploring a volcanic rock in the Australian outback. Through the film, Weir explores landscapes of intense memory, and the mysterious forces that bend, mold, and erode the core of our psyches. Comm, Anchor, Owa, Per-Eon, Simple Creatures (Featuring Ryat), Can't / Goosemother, Quatic, Small Keys, Lava Diviner, Celeste, Sunna / Show Me, Birdlife